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Backgrounder Case Study

Mdm Cho

This case concerns a woman with advanced dementia who is cared for by Smita, a foreign domestic worker, under the supervision of Serena, Mdm Cho’s daughter. When Mdm Cho begins to choke and spit during Smita’s attempts to feed her, … Continue reading

Backgrounder Case Study

Mdm Lee

This case concerns an elderly nursing home resident with advanced Alzheimer’s disease who, while she was competent, completed an advance care plan that documented her explicit refusal of artificial nutrition and hydration.  Confusion and family conflict arise after a staff … Continue reading

Backgrounder Case Study

Mr Yung

This case concerns a middle-aged professional and parent in a minimally-conscious state, his wife’s emotional and practical challenges in making decisions on behalf of her catastrophically injured spouse, family conflict, and the responsibilities of the healthcare team.