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Backgrounder Case Study

Mdm Kwok

This case concerns a retired seamstress who lives alone in a one-room HDB flat and has lived a relatively active life despite diabetes and hypertension. She is visited by Mr Chu, a case manager at a community-based organisation who is unclear … Continue reading

Backgrounder Case Study


This case concerns an adolescent with recurrent leukaemia, and physician-parent conflicts over her treatment plan. It explores the rights of the adolescent patient and the possibility, consequences and ethics of seeking judicial intervention in the best interests of a child.

Backgrounder Case Study

Mr Lim

This case concerns a middle-aged hawker’s assistant with severe and progressively worsening arthritis who relies on steroids and other anti-inflammatory medications to enable him to continue to work, but is suffering from the chronic and potentially life-threatening side-effects of the long-term … Continue reading