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Backgrounder Case Study

Ms Yeo

This case concerns the director of nursing at a nursing home, who convenes a staff meeting to talk about a common problem. What should staff do, and refrain from doing, when a resident with dementia hits another person?

Backgrounder Case Study

Mrs Kulkarni

This case concerns the director of a nursing home, who meets her director of nursing and other senior staff to talk about shortcuts. Is it appropriate to use diapers to save time even if a resident does not need them, … Continue reading

Backgrounder Case Study


This case concerns an undergraduate whose traumatic brain injury results in locked-in syndrome. His doctors, nurses, and home carers must meet the challenges of understanding his wishes, while coping with repeated hospitalisations.

Backgrounder Case Study


This case concerns an adolescent with recurrent leukaemia, and physician-parent conflicts over her treatment plan. It explores the rights of the adolescent patient and the possibility, consequences and ethics of seeking judicial intervention in the best interests of a child.

Backgrounder Case Study

Mr Bok

This case concerns a middle-aged professional and single parent whose multiple health problems are exacerbated by his smoking and alcohol use, and who is viewed as a ‘difficult’ patient by hospital and clinic providers. The patient’s health problems could be … Continue reading

Backgrounder Case Study

Mdm Lee

This case concerns an elderly nursing home resident with advanced Alzheimer’s disease who, while she was competent, completed an advance care plan that documented her explicit refusal of artificial nutrition and hydration.  Confusion and family conflict arise after a staff … Continue reading