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Backgrounder Case Study

Baby Arun

This case concerns an extremely premature, critically-ill newborn. It explores prognostic uncertainty in the neonatal ICU setting, and the challenge of communicating frequently-changing medical information while providing support to the baby’s parents and other concerned relatives.

Backgrounder Case Study


This case concerns an undergraduate whose traumatic brain injury results in locked-in syndrome. His doctors, nurses, and home carers must meet the challenges of understanding his wishes, while coping with repeated hospitalisations.

Backgrounder Case Study


This case concerns an adolescent with recurrent leukaemia, and physician-parent conflicts over her treatment plan. It explores the rights of the adolescent patient and the possibility, consequences and ethics of seeking judicial intervention in the best interests of a child.

Backgrounder Case Study

Ms Mendez

This case concerns a foreign domestic worker hospitalised for diagnosis and treatment of suspected pneumonia. Her health insurance coverage is likely to run out before she can be safely discharged, and her doctors are uncertain about this patient’s options and … Continue reading

Backgrounder Case Study

Mdm Wu

The case concerns an elderly retired teacher with decision-making capacity who leaves decision-making to her eldest son after she declines surgery to repair a fractured hip. Conflict erupts between the eldest son, who lives overseas, and his sister, who is … Continue reading